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With strategically located warehouse in Bhiwandi (for drum packaging) and tank terminals (for tanker load) in Mumbai - Mahul and JNPT and Kandla, we have taken exceptional care to provide our clientele prompt service.

Exports / Imports : Exceptionally chosen Freight and Forwarding logistics companies are hired to take care of routine procedures of Stuffing, Surveying, Custom clearances, Shipping liners, insurance and other logistical necessities for smooth and ensured hassle free dispatches.

Tanker/truck  Load Supplies – Bulk Local Supplies : Our Imported Liquid Solvents business serving to western Indian market is catered through Mumbai’s Bonded port tanker terminals situated at Mahul in Mumbai (Agies Logistics) and at Navha Sheva in Navi Mumai ( JNPT Port).  Other Tankers/truck load supplies of items manufactured in India is usually from their respective production units or depots.

Drum Packing – Retail Local supplies : For retails Drum Packaging business, we have warehousing facilities at Bhiwandi, town in Thane District of Maharashtra State. Bhiwandi is a transport and warehousing hub in Western India. Supplies throughout India can be catered to and from Bhiwandi. Easy available local transports make handling logistics easier.

Domestic Sourcing / Imports and Exports.
We have a wide network, developed over a decades of experience for procuring Solvents and Chemicals in retails and in bulk. We can offer your both, imported and Indian manufactured goods from across India. This model helps is in catering to the retail and bulk customers in international and domestic markets. With logistics backup and reliable freights forwarders we successfully have a system of reliable Supply Chain Management.  Please refer to Logistics section on this page for details.

We offer indenting service form Foreign Manufacturing units and traders for their procurement from Indian manufactured Chemicals and solvents. The bridge between buyer and Sellers is entrusted by us in terms of assured transaction, reliability, time line commitment, and domestic logistics. All these factors are backed by our survey of prices in various reliable manufacturers available at Indian shores.

Price Analysis
Domestic and international price fluctuations are always a concern for both buyer and seller. Variations in rates usually results in either heavily loss or heavy gain. In either case, a consistently is lost and stability of projected cost goes haywire. We at Nyne Organics Pvt Ltd, try our best to give you and estimation of expected market trends and speculations. Usually, this is done by our continuous survey on particular product internationally and within India. Political scenarios also play an important role in analysing basic forecast.

Quality Assurance
Domestic Supplies : All our goods are supplied with test certificates and or Certificate of Analysis either from the Manufacturer or from reliable or certified Laboratories. Inspection of Vehicles, Cleaning certificates of tankers is carried out before every dispatch. Stainless Steel Tankers and drums are used to avoid rusted iron parts developing inside the packaging material.

International Supplies : All consignments  are tested by the original manufacturer and provided with a certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Origin. In most of the cases an independent Lab analysis is carried out to ensure reliability. These independent Laboratories approved by Export Inspection Council of India. We can also offer UN Certification number for Packaging of the any given item.